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    About company

    For any company

    • Fixed cost of any specialist;
    • There is no need to include expensive admins to complete one task;
    • The downtime of critical business processes is not paid;
    • We give one month of free service for testing our services;
    • We’ll help with employees’ home appliances.
    About company

    For bigger companies

    • Administration 1C;
    • Mail services;
    • Telephony;
    • Backup organization;
    • Monitoring of server infrastructure;
    • Administration of cloud services;
    • Maintenance of network equipment;
    • Network security.
    About company

    For smaller companies

    • Complex service;
    • Informal attitude to each user;
    • Service desk service to collect applications;
    • Full availability during business hours;
    • Remote solution 80% of all applications;
    • The engineer’s arrival within 2 hours after the call.

    We are in figures

    certified professionals

    units of equipment (including 180 servers) on maintenance

    years on the market

    LA-Systems Company is a full service integrator, which occupies a strong position in the supply of server and network equipment, office equipment, laptops and workstations of international brands such as HP, IBM, Lenovo, DELL, Supermicro, CISCO.

    The basic direction of our activity is delivery of server, network and office equipment under the major projects, the introduction of high-tech, and innovative solutions in companies’ IT infrastructures.

    We offer our clients a highly professional team of associates who are able to quickly and efficiently meet the challenges of a various level of complexity in virtually all IT areas.

    LA Systems Company provides such services as:

    • Projects development of varying complexity;
    • It-outsourcing;
    • Design of SCS networks;
    • Design and installation of video supervisory control systems and ACS;
    • Installation and configuration of DSS and clustered systems;
    • Choice of equipment for various IT projects;
    • Software sale and introduction;
    • Equipment sale and introduction;
    • Development of projects involving LED and transparent screens;
    • Work and design in the field of energy-saving projects.
    We have working and customer service experience of different sectors and forms of ownership: from plants to foreign companies.

    We have extensive experience in implementing ACS and video supervisory control systems. These are the areas from metallurgical plant and shopping center to small bookmaker offices.

    I suggest you to consider us as a priority supplier of the full spectrum of IT equipment, as well as a partner in development and implementation of projects in the sphere of security and improving the quality of business.

    In your face we see a reliable partner in the future and we are confident that we can provide you with the most beneficial and comfortable service throughout the whole period of cooperation!

    What are the benefits of working with our company:

    About company

    Customer-oriented company

    LA-Systems – a customer-oriented company. We always try to pick up maximum beneficial and optimum solution for both parties, taking into account individual characteristics and expectations of each of our clients. We make all efforts to provide high quality and online maintenance at the same time, which is essential in the dynamic rhythm of modern life.

    About company

    Confidently develop and expand business

    LA-Systems Company confidently develops and expands its business. We have an effective policies based on knowledge of the market and the strategy of long-term cooperation with our permanent customers. It is based on stable and mutually beneficial conditions, high quality service, and the use of modern production techniques and the introduction of innovative solutions.

    About company

    Organize strong business relationships

    We strive to build strong business relationships with both customers and suppliers. Our partners are well-known IT companies such as HP, IBM, LENOVO, CISCO.

    We are trusted

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    About company
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    About company

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