Maintenance of computer equipment for commercial enterprises in Moscow and Moscow Oblast

Commercial market uses a lot of simple and complex intelligent solutions to work. Here is a connection to opportunities of cloud service, realization of own site, billing, online tools for monitoring and reporting.

All these tools work more effectively than higher quality will be maintained. This last condition meets IT outsourcing program.

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment within 15 minutes.

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Tariff “Minimal” from 10 000 RUB/month

Option for companies with machinery park of up to 15 workstations


✔ 1 visit on request



Tariff “Optimal” from 15 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 15 workstations


✔ 2 scheduled visits per month
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ 2 emergency visits per month
✔ 800 rubles per workstation
✔ 2500 rubles per server

Tariff “Premium” from 40 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 20 workstations


✔ 4 scheduled visits
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ emergency visits are not limited
✔ 1000 rubles per workstation
✔ 3500 rubles for 1 server

What IT outsourcing company gives

The pluses of moving commercial venture of any type and scale to outsourcing of IT infrastructure include:

Opportunities to reduce the cost of organizing and maintaining business processes at 20% or more

Optimization of process of mutual payments

Transfer of staff routine work to technologies

Selection of licensed software with guarantees of their adaptability to current system and functionality

Increased speed of customer service for a minimum at 30%

Simplified procedure for maintenance of records management

The speed of introduction of new IT-solutions without stopping the company’s work

Acceleration of the choice of new office automation equipment and much more

Transfer of IT structure of commercial enterprise in maintaining professional partner allows taking advantage of the most modern solutions with minimal investments, help to improve the quality of work and provide customers with comfortable conditions of service.

When transfer of commercial enterprises to outsourcing is needed urgently

How to understand that there is a need for IT systems to move to outsourcing? Reasons:

  • Communication failures at least twice a month.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs for networks, which at 5-10% higher than similar costs of competitor.
  • Customer complaints on the quality of the connection, the work of a corporate website, online tools.
  • Staff complaints on regular refusals of office equipment.
  • There is a downtime of the enterprise due to the technical reasons.
  • A simple operation on the Internet takes more than a few minutes.

Attracting outsourcer is justified at the stage of first introduction of automated solutions and if extension is necessary.

 What problems can outsourcer solve?

Involvement of experienced LA-Systems specialists is always a solution with many advantages. Depending on the current level of technical structure complexity, our experts will help you to:

Optimize the integration of software solutions (Automation 1C)

Clearly set the goals of automation to build the financial result of the company at least 20-30% (the fight against theft of personnel, staff performance reports, replacement of equipment for effective ones)

Reduce the cost for providing IT infrastructure without any additional investments (transfer to less costly equipment, scaling)

Such decisions are always repaid and allow the enterprise to work in normal mode, make the dynamics of sales, and enhance customer loyalty. If you want to get a complex effect, please contact our company for IT outsourcing service. We act exactly, deep penetrate into business and offer the correct technical and technological solutions.

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