Maintenance of computer equipment for legal entities in Moscow and Moscow Oblast

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals;
  • Process application time from 15 minutes;
  • 80% of the problems we solve remotely;
  • Data backup and virus removal.

* Work with machinery park from 15 to 500 computers
** Always fixed-price service

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment within 15 minutes.

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Tariff “Minimal” from 10 000 RUB/month

Option for companies with machinery park of up to 15 workstations


✔ 1 visit on request



Tariff “Optimal” from 15 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 15 workstations


✔ 2 scheduled visits per month
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ 2 emergency visits per month
✔ 800 rubles per workstation
✔ 2500 rubles per server

Tariff “Premium” from 40 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 20 workstations


✔ 4 scheduled visits
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ emergency visits are not limited
✔ 1000 rubles per workstation
✔ 3500 rubles for 1 server

Always fixed-price service!

Take your business to a new level of efficiency, speed of conducting any transactions with customers, transparency of calculation and process automation.

You get a powerful platform to work without being distracted from the core activity. Your clients receive quality service at optimized prices. Your business is growing, and the costs are sought to a minimum. This is the shortest way to leadership.

We are in figures

certified professionals

units of equipment (including 180 servers) on maintenance

years on the market

Why IT outsourcing is beneficial to companies of any type and scale

Reduced staff costs to operate IT. It is necessary to pay constantly to permanent workers, although their actual employment is not regular. Plus - the workplace, social payments and much more. Outsourcer offer appears when you need it. And it will cost much cheaper to the business.

The global outsourcing objective is modernization, which speeds up the whole system and reduces costs for its maintenance. Any professional outsourcer is interested in modernizing of his client: the faster and more reliable your business platform is working, the less effort professionals spent on it.


We are trusted

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment for 15 minutes

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