Maintenance of computer equipment for manufacturing companies in Moscow and Moscow Oblast

5 reasons to automate the production:

  • reduction of overhead costs to organize logistics, marketing, interaction with customers and counterparties;
  • high security when working with expensive equipment;
  • efficient service of large orders during peak loads (inexpensive scaling of business);
  • quality control of the results;
  • taking processes of order service to a new level of quality, speed, and transparency.

Automation provided impetus for the evolution of an entire industry of large, medium and small production. But it arranged the new demands for its organization.

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment within 15 minutes.

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Tariff “Minimal” from 10 000 RUB/month

Option for companies with machinery park of up to 15 workstations


✔ 1 visit on request



Tariff “Optimal” from 15 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 15 workstations


✔ 2 scheduled visits per month
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ 2 emergency visits per month
✔ 800 rubles per workstation
✔ 2500 rubles per server

Tariff “Premium” from 40 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 20 workstations


✔ 4 scheduled visits
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ emergency visits are not limited
✔ 1000 rubles per workstation
✔ 3500 rubles for 1 server

Large and small production stands at the head of the technical progress. This industry has launched a process of automation — financial, calculated, and industrial and it was the first that applied intelligent solutions for business organization.

And there are a lot of reasons. The introduction of “smart” solutions opens the brilliant prospects for manufacturing business of all sizes. It became the foundation for the development of an entire niche of “smart” mines, mills, factories and industrial shops.

The benefits of IT outsourcing of manufacturing company

Production enterprise taking into account the specificity of his work and specialization requirements needs the highest quality approach to service and support of established IT infrastructure. Why?

The structure itself at the sites of varying scale and profile is significantly different. Here is important individual approach to system debugging and support. Universal specialists do not cope with it.

The price for technical failure can be very high. Only an hour of downtime for production can be comparable to the costs with the loss of a large order.

It is often either ineffective or unreasonably expensive to maintain the staff for implementing complex network. Outsourcing is an easy and reliable way with minimum cost and high guarantees. What it provides:

Save money, time and energy by reducing production cycle, transfer routine work to automation, exceptions of human factor

Reducing staff expenses of IT specialists

Guarantees of quality control of all system elements

Effective and timely implementation of software solutions in accordance with requirements of law

As a result IT outsourcing services customer receives quality service, clear forming algorithm, document flow management and other system functions, increases the investment attractiveness of enterprises. At the same time, he receives information in a timely manner:

About the possibilities of the enterprise

About effectiveness of workshops

About financial results and other

Benefits of cooperation with LA-Systems

IT infrastructure service of manufacturing company is a profile direction of LA-Systems Company. If you need network outsourcing at the best price, all our options are at your disposal.

Quality service is guaranteed due to the contract

We work with individual function matching: you get only the services you need

Our experts are certified professionals, which are oriented in automated manufacturing solutions

We constantly monitor the efficiency of our decisions to initiate modernization to reduce costs and increase productivity

LA-Systems experts can work with complex information systems used today on the manufacturing companies.

We are trusted

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment for 15 minutes

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