Maintenance of computer equipment for trading companies in Moscow and Moscow Oblast

Automation of trade is not a fashion trend today, but an objective need. It gives competitive advantages, speed of customer service, the ability to optimize the reporting and inventory accounting, products and supplies accounting. Automated system for the trade is a complex of effective solutions, without which it is impossible to achieve effective sales.

But to develop, plan and implement technically automatic network based on large store or supermarket chain — is only the first requirement. Complex intellectual system should be served.

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment within 15 minutes.

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Tariff “Minimal” from 10 000 RUB/month

Option for companies with machinery park of up to 15 workstations


✔ 1 visit on request



Tariff “Optimal” from 15 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 15 workstations


✔ 2 scheduled visits per month
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ 2 emergency visits per month
✔ 800 rubles per workstation
✔ 2500 rubles per server

Tariff “Premium” from 40 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 20 workstations


✔ 4 scheduled visits
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ emergency visits are not limited
✔ 1000 rubles per workstation
✔ 3500 rubles for 1 server

IT outsourcing of trade network

And here the external partner comes to the aid — IT outsourcer whose opportunities are almost unlimited. What IT outsourcing company gives:

If it is a small shop with a simple cash register and connected software for the record-keeping, the external service is an opportunity to save money on attracting additional staff and get a scalable system without unnecessary expenses.

IT outsourcing guarantees rapid quality work of a complex system: its timely support and remote configuration, training and much more for large networks, shops, restaurants.

For specialized stores outsourcing becomes article of effective savings and insurance in case of technical failures.

How does the IT outsourcing work in trade

For realization of tasks outsourcer can use different resources:

Qualification of programmers and technicians for remote configuration of software systems

Technical and human resources for rapid reaction when force majeure

Experience for optimization of facilities used or selected automation system (to avoid buying expensive solutions that will not be used at 100%)

Knowledge, analytical tools for scaling structure and its timely development

Customer services program may include routine and emergency visits to specialists, consulting and professional assistance to choose the equipment, analysis of capacities for monitoring the profitability of network. Here is the remote settings and installations of programs, answers to staff questions, assistance to manager and much more.

IT outsourcing of trade in LA-System

Our company offers a complex of services for businesses information networks. We have assembled a strong team of professionals who focus in advanced software solutions for trade, keep abreast of its updates, and follow legal requirements to the organization of trading activities.

So, your system will work without failure, grow as your business grows and be repaid at 100%. Complex IT outsourcing services can include all necessary items from a professional audit before zooming to the remote consultation and selection, customization of software solutions. We work intelligently, quickly and efficiently.

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Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment for 15 minutes

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