Maintenance of computer equipment for insurance companies and insurance agencies in Moscow and Moscow Oblast

Insurance sphere have long been integrated into the system of online and cloud technologies. Today it uses solutions of various complexity of implementing block chain to remote selection and sale of insurance products. This complex system work requires not only the regular service, but also control to avoid:

  • users access failures to channel messages;
  • delays in the formation of documents;
  • entries into the system and many other negative effects.

Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment within 15 minutes.

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Tariff “Minimal” from 10 000 RUB/month

Option for companies with machinery park of up to 15 workstations


✔ 1 visit on request



Tariff “Optimal” from 15 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 15 workstations


✔ 2 scheduled visits per month
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ 2 emergency visits per month
✔ 800 rubles per workstation
✔ 2500 rubles per server

Tariff “Premium” from 40 000 RUB/month

Best option for companies with machinery park from 20 workstations


✔ 4 scheduled visits
✔ remote support 9x5
✔ emergency visits are not limited
✔ 1000 rubles per workstation
✔ 3500 rubles for 1 server

IT outsourcing opportunities

Transfer of IT structure of insurance company in the light of such high requirements to its uninterrupted secure work becomes an effective solution and gives several advantages:

Access to the modern solutions of the global IT market

Convenient format for controlling the efficiency of information solutions

The ability to quickly connect new solutions and technologies

Reduced fixed costs by transferring the costs of network upkeep and maintenance from constant to variables

Savings on training staff to innovative technologies

Rapid remote troubleshooting of software failures and much more

Advantages of outsourcing industry solutions

The involvement of the IT outsourcer to accompany the professional activities of the insurance company provides its competitive advantage at least due to three articles.

Guarantee of business processes continuity, which in this segment on 50% + they are conducted using IT

Accelerating cooperation with partners and customer service

Transparency and openness of insurance is one of the definitive conditions for the occupation of leadership positions at the national and local market

Why outsourcing is more profitable than your own staff of specialists

World practice shows that there are not alternatives to outsourcing programs for insurance market. Own staff of experts objectively loses to professional outsourcer on many items starting with the cost of its permanent content, ending the risk of going specialists on vacation or on sick leave.

So, compared to internal support system, the external specialist guarantees:

  1. The involvement of expert will reduce operating costs by at least 30%. It is not necessary to teach outsourcer He already specializes in software and technical solutions relevant to automated systems of insurance companies. It can connect at any stage - installation of equipment and training of personnel or system scaling.
  2. If this is an expert of LA-Systems Company, then his services will cost a reasonable amount. Our experts are well oriented in the catalog of modern intelligent solutions for the insurance business, and they already know how to guarantee their effectiveness.
  3. On request of the client we will carry out a deep audit of the technology involved to choose the optimal program of outsourcing service. You only need to identify tasks and our experts will do the rest. Without stopping the operation of the company and at any level of complexity used in its IT structure of solutions.

Reducing the risk of unplanned investments in IT structure itself and its exploitation

Prompt response to any failures regardless of season, employment and other factors (without sick leave and vacations)

The proposal of advanced proven solutions, attracting world-class expertise for the development of the insurer and its remote capabilities

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Find out the cost of servicing your computer equipment for 15 minutes

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